iPhone Lightning Cradle - GW

> Lightning connector in the cradle - adjustable to fit any phone thickness or case
> Widely adjustable flaps to hold the different kinds of iPhones firmly
> The flaps can be locked, so you can insert the iPhone with a one-hand sliding action
> Fits iPhone 6, 6 Plus (or 5s, 5c, 5)
> USB connector to plug into the Gateway (or charger)
> Can be used as a charging holder with a 'Cigar Lighter Charger'
Gateway compatibility:
> Gateway Pro BT
> Gateway 500S
> Gateway 500S BT
Compatible with all head units or entertainment systems that support iPhone over USB
Device compatibility using a Dension Lightning adapter (LIA1GW0):
> Gateway Lite
> Gateway Lite BT
> iGateway
> Gateway 300
> Gateway 500 Lite
> Gateway 500

Package contents:
> iPhone 6 cradle
> Mul-axis holder
> Windscreen mounting
> Dasmount pack
IP6LCRP € 59,00